Lent 2016 / Episode #03

Many people, even in Christian countries, don’t have an awareness of God because that’s the repercussion of sin. The moment you sin you lose God. A mortal sin is when you have no way of seeing God in your life and no way of seeing God outside ‐ and you lose Him and then you suffer because you and I are a creation, created by a loving Father and we have lost him. Only then do we become lonely, sad and depressed.

Lent 2016 / Episode #02

We are dealing with an issue here. God is not answering prayers. It is not only an issue do Isaiah but it is an issue for all of us. You pray and God doesn’t seem to answer. There seems to be a response here as well, and through Isaiah God is speaking to us and saying it is because the way you are dealing with other people is not right.

Lent 2016 / Episode #01

In the Old Testament they believed God was in heaven, then they believed He was in the sanctuary of  Jerusalem. The New Testament gives us a revelation that God who lived in the sanctuary, who was in  heaven actually has come to live inside a human heart. He coming is one thing, but discovering Him is  something else. The journey we are doing is to discover the Lord who has come to live inside us.  Suddenly we will all have the ‘Eureka’ moment ‐ when what I am telling you by words will become  your internal experience. I can’t feed that to you ‐ it has to be given by the Lord to you. Each of us are  on a personal journey and you have to discover this revelation in your heart. This opportunity is not  given to many people so make use of it the best you can